A special guest…

The Ramblers were fortunate enough to have a special guest come and watch the Ramblers’ A-grade play on Saturday.[flickr]photo:3193839700[/flickr]

Yvonne was at the Adelaide Oval when the Ramblers had their day at the cricket. Yvonne came over and had a chat and was given one of the wigs we were all wearing. Later on, Yvonne came and bought all 25 of us a beer. What a star!

So after ringing JC a couple of weeks back and saying she was coming to Adelaide to come and watch us play, we thought we’d put on a Ladies Day for the A-grade game.

Thanks to Matt & JC for organising the day and also to Yvonne for coming over! Very special day.

Click the link below for some more photos.


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