Coaching Announcement

Our committee is proud to appoint Andrew Strunk as Senior Head Coach for the upcoming season. Andrew is a well-known club member who brings passion and dedication to the club, together with significant junior coaching experience not only within our club, but also at SACA, SAMCA & Adelaide High School. He has been a senior batting coach within our club for some time with very positive feedback from the players he has assisted. Andrew will work closely with Steve Davenport to plan for the upcoming season & bring new ideas to our trainings.

We are also very pleased to announce some new (old?) faces will be coming back to senior trainings to work with our players:

– Peter Hough and Wayne Jones, two of our club’s greatest fast bowlers with almost 1,000 wickets & 8 A Grade bowling trophies between them, will periodically attend trainings to work with our pace bowlers.

– Peter McGinn, our club’s best off-spinner with 3 A Grade bowling trophies after coming to us from District Cricket, will be available on Thursday nights to work with our slow bowlers

– Tony Benson, with over 7,000 club runs and batting trophies across the grades, will continue to volunteer his time helping players at most senior trainings as he has done for 30+ years

For the juniors we are very fortunate to have most coaches continuing from last season, with only Scott Brodie being the newbie this year. Our junior coaches will be:

U16 – Coach Darryl Riley, Manager Peter McGinn

U14 – Jarrad Benson (assistance from Brett Brodie), Manager Amanda Murphy

U12 – Tim Beavan & Andrew Dunk, Manager Helen Beaven

U10 – Scott Brodie, Manager TBC

We would like to thank all coaches for offering their time to help our players develop into better cricketers!

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