Ramblers’ New Facility

The Ramblers are looking to build a multi-use facility built under the trees on the south-western edge of the oval comprising 2 changerooms, an Umpire’s room, Storage room, Canteen/Club area, viewing deck, and all-access public toilet.

Key elements of the proposal:

  • Largest SA cricket club without dedicated changeroom facilities
  • Need for better public toilet facilities for everyone at this oval
  • No change proposed in relation to oval use – read more
  • Better facilities available for other groups in the community – schools, yoga, pilates, fitness – read more
  • Encouraging participation in sport in the community – better facilities mean greater incentive to play
  • No light towers being erected – read more
  • Dogs still welcome at the oval
  • Removal of 3 non-significant trees only, but this will be offset by planting of native plants behind the facility as a screen
  • Coromandel Ramblers needs your support! – read more

Proposed Building Visuals

Indicative view of the new facility

Who are we?

Coromandel Valley Ramblers Cricket Club was established in 1926 when we
began playing cricket at Hawthorndene Oval. For many years we were a one-team club however in the 1970s we grew to 4 teams and established Weymouth oval as our 2nd oval. In the 2010s we established juniors and have now grown to 5 senior teams and 4 junior teams with Hawthorndene Primary School now our 3rd oval. We are the largest club in the state without any changeroom facility and we continue to play our A and B grade matches at Hawthorndene Oval.

What is being proposed?

A multi-use facility built under the trees on the south-western edge of the oval comprising 2 changerooms, an Umpire’s room, Storage room, Canteen/Club area, viewing deck, and all-access public toilet. The location has been chosen to provide a public toilet close to the car park while not impacting the view of local homeowners and allowing slight elevation above the oval. The buried utilities on either side of the site dictate the long & narrow design and this results in 3 non-significant trees being removed. The public toilet will replace the current run-down and inaccessible toilets on the hill and native plants will be used as screening behind the facility, replacing the non-native shrubs currently on the site.

Will the facility be open to other users?

Absolutely! Our club will use the changerooms on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings in summer for cricket matches and St Johns school will use it for their junior football matches on Saturday mornings in winter. The facility will be available for other groups such as yoga, pilates, or fitness classes during the week which do not require usage of the oval.

Will other users be restricted from using the oval?

No. There is no change to the licence on the oval and we do not wish for others to have access times reduced.

Are training facilities being constructed?

No, our proposal does not include training nets. However, we would like to review and receive feedback on training facilities in future years if a suitable site can be found that does not remove any trees, does not present a visual impact to users (e.g. modern retractable nets), and the design prevents balls entering the oval while we train. We do not use the oval for training except for small fielding drills using less than 1/3 of the oval periodically during the sessions. Access to the oval by other users is not restricted during trainings.

Will light towers be erected?

No, not ever. This has not been proposed by our club and there are no users requiring them. We oppose lights.

Will a liquor licence be sought?

Yes, although for very limited hours (6-8hrs per week) and conditions would restrict the consumption to within the facility and not on the oval or surrounds. There will never be parties or excess noise. With our games finishing in the late afternoon on Saturdays our members have a quick drink before heading off to family and other commitments.

Where to from here?

Shortly, Mitcham Council will go to Community Consultation for the Community Land Management Plan of Hawthorndene Oval. This will be everyone’s opportunity to comment on the future of the oval, whether they are for or against the proposal. A working group will then be established to nut out the best way to move forward. We look forward to working with others for the best solutions. Please “like” our Facebook page for updates on the consultation.


We are very happy to answer questions or discuss resolutions to concerns. Please email [email protected] or call Matt on 0414 694 324 or Glen on 0412 998 136.

Latest Updates

Below are updates to the process and what’s happening and when.

Have you seen our flyer?

14th February, 2021

Some in the community might not know who we are or what it is we’re working with Council and the community to build. Click the image below to read all about what’s happening at Hawthorndene Oval!

Click the image to read the flyer!

City of Mitcham Project Details

15 January 2021

City of Mitcham Manager Property and Facilities sent the linked response below and update to all elected members on 15 January 2021. It makes comments on several of the statements made by the Preservation Group.