Notice of Annual General Meeting and Sponsor Offers.

The Coromandel Valley Ramblers Cricket Club Inc. wishes to advise that it will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) shortly, with the details of this meeting below –

  • When – Monday, 12th of July from 7:00pm
  • Where – Coromandel Community Centre, 442B Main Road, Coromandel Valley

Everyone is invited along to attend this meeting and help shape the future of the club. Items for discussion will be detailed in an agenda distributed two weeks from the meeting date. The previous AGM’s minutes will also be distributed at this time. However, some items for consideration before the AGM include training nights, future projects and various committee positions and roles.

As per usual, the club will provide everyone in attendance with a feed of pizza from 7:00pm before the meeting kicks-off at 7:30pm. This year, the club will also provide you with your first drink on the house, so we will keep you refreshed as well.

If you would like to have a say in how the club is run, then please take this opportunity to have a say. If you would like any further information on this, then please contact Matthew or Ashley about the meeting and the night. Both of their contact details are on the contacts page.

As an added bonus, two of our club sponsors have specials currently running for club members and their families. Please remember to quote the club’s name and what program/team you, your child participates in or your family name and associated connection to receive these specials.


As major sponsor, Skyworld Outdoor Blinds is currently running a 20% special on their products. In order for the club to benefit, please quote Coromandel Ramblers to Kevin O’Looney when placing an order, and you and the club will benefit from Skyworld’s ongoing support.

Skyworld Outdoor Blinds

Skyworld has conveniently prepared a one page document that details the services that they offer. As you can see within the document provided, it is quite extensive and can handle the needs of a small and large scale project.

Kevin can be contacted on 08 8384 7093 or email [email protected] with Kevin O’Looney in the subject line and the club is sure that Kevin can arrange an excellent deal for you.

In addition, Climate Change Landscape and Project Management is offering club members and their families the opportunity to save 15% of any backyard landscaping project between August and November. However, you must mention ‘Coromandel Ramblers’ and your involvement with the club in order to benefit from this discount.

To see what Climate Change Landscape and Project Management can do, then please visit this previous post as to how Glen Rosie’s backyard was redesigned. Not only can Brett redesign small backyards like Glen’s, but he can handle many other projects, no matter how complex they may be in their design. To see what Brett can do, then please have a look at the Climate Change Landscape and Project Management offer and brief document.

Brett can be contacted on 0433 777 465 or at [email protected] if you would like to landscape your backyard or engage a professional to finish off those ‘small projects’.

Please also remember to support our other club sponsors, as they have put in their money to help support the club and its programs. Without their support, then the club would not be able to function in a manner that would support itself. Therefore, the more we can support them in their businesses, the more that the club can benefit and pass this onto you. All other sponsors can be found on the sponsors page as well as in the sponsors document.

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