Outcomes from the Annual General Meeting.

With a solid turn-out of members from across all programs, the annual general meeting enabled everyone to actively discuss and make important decisions as to where the club may head in the near future. Such items include –

  • All senior and junior members will be asked to contribute their feedback on training issues and times,
  • The club detailed the projects it wishes to undertake this season, which was welcomed by the majority of attendees,
  • The club detailed its interest in developing a plan for the future, which will be detailed to individuals shortly, and
  • Attending members elected individuals to the new 2010/11 committee. These were –
  • President – Matthew Smith
  • Treasurer – Jarrad Benson
  • Secretary – Jonathon Hilditch (pending)
  • Events Coordinator – Glen Rosie
  • BBQ Coordinator – Matthew Smith and Ryan Lozotolcher
  • Junior Coordinator – Ashley Bryant
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Damian Allen
  • Training Coordinator – Justin Calderbank (pending)
  • Head of Selection – Andrew Strunk

Each individual’s details will be updated on the website shortly, once everyone has confirmed their position. In addition, all senior captaincy positions were discussed, with all previous captains and vice-captains nominated as well as those who had shown their interest previously. If you would like to nominate yourself, then please contact Matthew Smith on 0414 692 324 and indicate to him what you can offer. All of these positions will be discussed at the first committee meeting and successful candidates will be informed shortly after.

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