Pre-Season Trainings.

Pre-season trainings for all current and future players will be beginning shortly. Please have a look at the table below for the schedule of trainings that the club will be providing for senior players and further below for junior players. For senior trainings, it would be good to see as many of you out at these sessions. The first junior training will be registration style day, so please come along, sign up and have a feed on behalf of the club.


Indoor Outdoor
All sessions are on Monday nights at 9-10pm in the Indoor Nets at Adelaide Oval, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide. All trainings are on Sundays from 10-12pm at Weymouth Oval.
Cost per session is $5
Monday, 16th of August Sunday, 12th of September
Monday, 30th of August Sunday, 19th of September
Monday, 6th of September Sunday, 26th of September
Monday, 20th of September Sunday, 3rd of October
Monday, 27th of September
———————————————————————– ———————————————————————–

The first Sunday training will also contain the annual working bee, where it would be good for players to come along and mingle with their fellow players. Furthers, it allows the club to clean-up any loose items from the previous season and prepare all netting, equipment and other issues before the start of this season.

The senior season begin on the Saturday, 9th of October. The primary training night and selection night will Thursday nights, starting on the 7th of October. The optional training night for those who want to further their game will be on a Tuesday night, once again starting the week before the start of the season (5th of October).


All junior pre-season training sessions will begin on either the Thursday, 30th of September, 2010 (Under 11’s), or Friday, October 1st, 2010 (under 13’s). This corresponds with the second-last or last week of Term 3 of school. Further details on a starting time and other information will be forwarded to every individual once it is finalised in the next couple of weeks. The start of the season is on the 17th of October, 2010, which is after the first week of Term 4, 2010.

The junior program also welcomes Andrew Strunk as the Under 11’s coach for the upcoming season. The club is still searching for an Under 13’s coach, so if you would like to become involved, then feel free to contact the junior coordinator. Other roles are positions are also available, so if you would like to become involved further in the junior program, then feel free to give the junior coordinator a call or am email.

If you have any further questions about these training schedules, then please contact Matt Smith on 0414 694 324 or at [email protected].

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