Ramblers Backyard Blitz 2010

The major auction item for the 2010 Quiz Night was for a backyard makeover headed up by Brett Lawson of Climate Change Landscape & Project Management and Justin “JC” Calderbank.

Through the very generous donations by the sponsors below, the auction raised over $3,500 at the auction with a number of bidders all vying for the prize with Deb & Glen Rosie being victorious.

Over the course of a few weekends, Deb & Glen’s backyard has gone from “we think there’s a backyard there somewhere” to “that’s a place you’d want to spend a lot of time in”.

Before the makeover...


After the makeover...


Players from the club put in the hard yards to make it happen, they being Brett Lawson; Justin Calderbank; Matt Smith; Damian Allen; Martin Wagner; Josh Haussen and Sam Davenport.

Without sponsors, things like this don’t happen. Please make every effort to use their services/products if you can and mention the cricket club. Hopefully the club can do this annually but we need people’s support.

Climate Change Landscape & Project Management
Brett Lawson managed the entire project, organised all the items and designed the new landscape. Brett put in a huge effort to make this happen. If you need landscaping work done – look no further. Deb & Glen couldn’t be happier.

Contact Brett via email or phone: 0433 777 465

Dingo Diggers
Hendrik Riessen, a father of one of our juniors, kindly donated his time and expertise to help with the clearing of the backyard. Hendrik has a number of diggers for tight access jobs. Hendrik made the job so much easier and was very professional about it. Highly recommended.

Contact Hendrik on 0419 419 505 for any excavation work.

Newton Sand and Metal
Contact person owner Frank and liaising with Anthony Capaldi. Supplied:
* 4 yards of Jeffries Recover.
* 1 Tonne of loam for raised garden bed.
* Irrigation controller and solenoid (automatic tap).

Plantmark SELECT
Donation of plants and pots and gave us a really good deal on the trees.

Contact Dan (manager) and been liaising with Taryn.

Plantmark SELECT
19 Port Wakefield Road 5107
Tel: 08 8258 5000
Fax: 08 8258 9898

Donated some irrigation equipment.

The before and after pics:

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