Results – Round 11

Well, what a round! All 5 teams had a win. The heat must agree with the Ramblers as the As dominated and finished in 2 hours with another 7-wicket haul by J. Strange (and capturing top spot), The Bs won against Coromandel and thus secured the Macgarey / Benson memorial trophy. The Cs, chasing a whopping 254 against the top side, needed 8 runs off the last over, Brett Evitts hit 2 big sixes to finish it off (Nat Elliott (91) and Steve Davenport (89) setup the win at the top of the order).

The Ds faced stiff competition and looked shakey at one stage until Luey and M. Jenner steadied the ship. The Es sadly finished with a win, however at the hands of a forfeit from the opposition.

At the end of the regular season:
* As – finished top
* Bs – finished 8th
* Cs – finished 3rd
* Ds – finished top
* Es – finished 7th

Bring on the finals!

Section 1
Coromandel Ramblers defeated Mitchell Park on 1st innings

Coromandel Ramblers 185 (G. Doll 4/26, R. Drenthen 3/59, J. Smoker 3/85)
Mitchell Park 105 (T. Harris 35; J. Strange 7/37)

Section 2
Coromandel Ramblers II defeated Coromandel II on 1st innings

Coromandel Ramblers II 5/231 (D. Benson 68*, N. Work 52, D. Amato 49)
Coromandel II 175 (N. Wark 54, M. Maclean 50, P. Needham 44n.o.; D. Amato 4/44, P. McGinn 3/43, N. Work 2/43)

Section 6
Coromandel Ramblers III defeated Keswick IV on 1st innings

Keswick IV 254 (Lieven 88, Miller 43, Bradbrook 42; McGough 4/48)
Coromandel Ramblers III 4/259 (N. Elliot 91, Steve Davenport 89, B. Evitts 37*; S. Hansen 3/42)

Section 7
Coromandel Ramblers IV defeated Keswick V on 1st innings

Keswick V 198 (C. Douglas 106, P. Williiamson 42; A. Good 3/28, M. Jenner 3/55)
Coromandel Ramblers IV 234 (L. Luey 65, M. Jenner 55; M. Shah 3/31, S. Jones 3/65)
Coromandel Ramblers V defeated Southern III by forfeit

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