Results – Round 5

A bit of everything this round. There was a showdown between the section 7 teams – the 4th and 5th elevens resulting in a very close and exciting finish. The 3rds lost on the last ball of the day and the 1sts had the strangest day of umpiring seen by all that were present. Not too many can remember an association umpire asking the square-leg about an LBW, signalling a wide after a four was hit (you can hit a wide?), awarding 5-penalty runs, giving a run-out after an apparent four, and there were others! After all that, the 1sts came away with the win by just 2 runs.

Section 1
Coromandel Ramblers defeated Keswick on 1st innings

Coromandel Ramblers 8/133
Keswick 7/131 (Ormsby 42; G. Bailey 4/33)

Section 2
Keswick II defeated Coromandel Ramblers II on 1st innings

Keswick II 3/197 (Webster 64, Caulfield 42)
Coromandel Ramblers II 7/191 (Gill 58, Work 49; Forde 3/36, Ingram 2/16)

Section 6
Coromandel IV defeated Coromandel Ramblers III on 1st innings

Coromandel Ramblers III 126 (Davenport 20; W. Hillier 3/17, P. Zacpal 2/17)
Coromandel IV 8/127 (A. Fisher 31; Barker 2/15 (winning runs from last ball of match))

Section 7
Coromandel Ramblers IV defeated Coromandel Ramblers V on 1st innings

Coromandel Ramblers IV 7/168 (Luey 62*)
Coromandel Ramblers V 6/163 (Elliott 72)

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