Round 1 – Results

A bit of a mixed bag for the Ramblers this week with A, B and C grades all losing, but D grade had a good win over Coromandel. That, with the forfeit of Coromandel against the E-grade mean the Magarey / Benson trophy win-count is 2-0 in our favour!

A grade
Plympton Footballers defeated Coromandel Ramblers on 1st innings
Coromandel Ramblers 212 (S. Bailey 63; Stanley 4/50)
Plympton Footballers 6/215 (Elletson 68, Habib 52*)

B grade
Sheidow Park defeated Coromandel Ramblers II on 1st innings
Sheidow Park 9/284 (S. Ford 54, S. Cooke 52; Willis 5/52, Kennedy 4/62)
Coromandel Ramblers II 9/143 (all out) (K. Clements 5/9)

C grade
North Haven IV defeated Coromandel Ramblers III on 1st innings
North Haven IV 9/319 (Tuckwell 122, Oxlade 77, Cook 40; Withers 4/49)
Coromandel Ramblers III 158 (Withers 60*; Frydrych 3/51)

D grade
Coromandel Ramblers IV defeated Coromandel IV on 1st innings
Coromandel IV 9/99 (all out) (A. Muggridge 35; T. Strudwick 29; Sam Davenport 3/10, D. Agnew 3/15)
Coromandel Ramblers IV 143 (T. Murray 48*, M. Anderson 37; T. Moore 5/6, A. Ferguson 2/35)

E grade
Coromandel Ramblers V defeated Coromandel V by forfeit

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