Round 11 – Week 1

After the first week of the final round of the year, almost all teams are in with a shot of winning the final game. The 2nd eleven have put themselves in a great position to win the tie-breaker for the Benson – Macgarey trophy between the Ramblers and Coromandel.

Disappointingly for the 5ths, their opposition forfeited thus giving them an early finish to the season.

Section 1
Coromandel Ramblers vs Mitchell Park

Coromandel Ramblers 185 (Doll 4/26)
Mitchell Park 2/30

Section 2
Coromandel II vs Coromandel Ramblers II

Coromandel Ramblers II 5/231 (D. Benson 68*, N. Work 52, D. Amato 49)

Section 6
Coromandel Ramblers III vs Keswick IV

Keswick IV 9/254 (Lieven 88, Miller 43, Bradbrook 42; McGough 4/48)

Section 7
Keswick V vs Coromandel Ramblers IV

Keswick V 197 (Douglas 105, Williiamson 42)
Coromandel Ramblers V defeated Southern III by forfeit

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