Round 2 – Results

Round 2 saw mixed results. The As had their first win of the season thanks to an awesome 126* by Paul Durham, and then followed up with 2 catches in the field.

The Bs and Cs struggled to chase the runs while the Ds won due to a forfeit. The Es didn’t play due to us forfeiting.

A grade
Coromandel Ramblers defeated Warradale on 1st innings
Coromandel Ramblers 283 (Durham 126*, K. Gill 42; Edwards 3/80, Deniet 3/83)
Warradale 141 (K. Schultz 35; D. Basey 5/39, G. Bailey 4/52)
B grade
South Road defeated Coromandel Ramblers II on 1st innings
South Road 193 (T. Williams 68; Luey 4/55)
Coromandel Ramblers II 102 (Howard 32; D.Williams 4/11, May 3/29)
C grade
Plympton Footballers IV defeated Coromandel Ramblers III on 1st innings
Plympton Footballers IV 248 (Kinter 62, Joseph 45, Higgins 40; Rutledge 5/41)
Coromandel Ramblers III 183 (S.Brodie 84; A. Higgins 4/30, Michalak 3/32)
D grade
Coromandel Ramblers IV defeated Kenilworth III by forfeit
E grade
ICC Sharks V defeated Coromandel Ramblers V by forfeit

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